April 2016 – Reports- Scientific Committee

Published in ESRS Newsletter April 2016

ESRS Scientific Committee (SC)

Members (2014 – 2016):

Tom de Boer (Co-Chair), Renata Riha (Co Chair), John Axelsson, Gianluca Ficca, Birgit Högl, Poul Jennum, Mayumi Kimura, Gilles Vandewalle, Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer

Since the previous report, the selection of the symposium sessions for the Bologna meeting has been finalised, and the symposia have been scheduled within the Scientific Programme. The programme schedule was kept similar to the one in Tallinn in 2014 in order to reduce the number of parallel symposia, thereby minimising potential clashes between competing areas of interest. We believe that the resulting symposium schedule will prove stimulating and full of exciting scientific content with much to hold the interest of a broad audience. Keynote speakers have been proposed and invited. The meeting schedule can now be viewed on the conference website. At the end of April, our next task will be to review the submitted abstracts and to schedule the Oral Session content for the programme. We encourage you to submit your best work for presentation at the meeting in Bologna.

Those of you who applied for short and longer-term exchange fellowships will discover the outcome of your application in this newsletter. There were far fewer applications in 2016 compared to previous years, but we hope that this will improve in the coming years.

In addition, the Committee continues to provide input into the Research Networking Committee via its two nominated members.

Tom de Boer and Renata Riha