November 2013 – Reports- Scientific Committee

Published in ESRS Newsletter November 2013

ESRS Scientific Committee (SC)

Members (2012 – 2014):
Simon Archer (chair), John Axelsson, Tom de Boer, Alex Iranzo, Mayumi Kimura, Raffaele Manni, Tiina Paunio, Renata Riha, Sophie Schwartz.

Since the previous report of activity, the Scientific Committee has received and reviewed all of the submitted proposals for symposium sessions for the forthcoming conference in Tallinn next year. The Scientific Committee also sought and proposed nominations for Keynote Speakers, Speakers for the joint EBRS/ESRS symposium, Teaching Courses, and Round Table Discussions and Video Sessions. Two members of the Committee (Simon Archer and Tiina Paunio) then met with the Board, Congrex and the Local Organising Committee in Tallinn in October to finalise the Scientific Programme for the conference. I would like to thank all of the members of the Scientific Committee for their hard work with this task, and I am pleased to say that we ended up with a well-balanced and exciting programme that we can all look forward to. The Committee continues to provide input into the Research Networking Committee via its two nominated members.

Simon Archer