November 2014 – Reports- Scientific Committee

Published in ESRS Newsletter November 2014

ESRS Scientific Committee (SC)

Current Members (2014 – 2016):

Tom de Boer (Co-Chair), Renata Riha (Co Chair), John Axelsson, Gianluca Ficca, Birgit Högl, Poul Jennum, Mayumi Kimura, Gilles Vandewalle, Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer

Previous Members (2012 – 2014):

Simon Archer (Chair), John Axelsson, Tom de Boer, Alex Iranzo, Mayumi Kimura, Raffaele Manni, Tiina Paunio, Renata Riha, Sophie Schwartz

The meeting in Tallinn was in general a great success. Credit should go to the members of the previous Scientific Committee for  achieving this success. We would like to thank those Committee members that left us after Tallinn for their hard work and contribution. The new Scientific Committee has already begun to analyse the comments and suggestions from the Tallinn conference so that the next meeting can improve even further. In the course of the coming months, the Committee will work closely with the Board, the conference team, and the local organisers to ensure that the next ESRS conference in Bologna in 2016 is also highly successful. Additionally, members of the Committee will collaborate with the Research Networking Committee to help achieve their aims.

Tom de Boer, Renata Riha