March 2018 – Report of the European Sleep Apnea Network ESADA

Report of the European Sleep Apnea Network ESADA

The ESADA group held its annual meeting in Antwerp, Belgium on February 1 to 3. Johan Verbraecken hosted the ESADA group and we had a very productive and exciting meeting. and participation (35) was all-time high! The ESADA is now in it´s 11th year of collaboration.

Annual Meeting impressions

Thanks to Johan for this great meeting!

The ESADA network – where are going? 
Jan Hedner, Gothenburg, presented the most recent developments for the ESADA. The inclusion of data into the database continues on a very stable level, more than 25 centers are actively reporting and close to 25 000 patients generating >35 000 visits have been registered so far. More centers are specifically focusing on follow-ups. The new centers in Mainz (D), Porto (P), Athens (GR), and Istanbul (TR) are now actively including new patients.

Scientific activity  

Upcoming topics and publications

  • Change in BMI with CPAP treatment (in revision)
  • Change of kidney function with PAP treatment (in revision)
  • Lipid profile in patients with OSA (in revision)
  • Glycemic control in morbidely obese OSA patients  (submitted)
  • OSA and Asthma (Manuscript)
  • Use of the Clinical Global Impression Scale in patients with OSA (Manuscript)
  • Regional difference in OSA phenotypes (Manuscript)
  • Cancer prevalence in OSA patients (Manuscript)

Main focus: A large, controlled follow up study within the ESADA cohort (responsible coordinator Silke Ryan, Dublin, Ireland) is recruiting with high inclusion rate (>4000).

The ESADA network aims to submit 4 abstracts each to the ERS and ESRS meetings.

A new ESADA grant opportunity for early career researchers within the ESADA network has been established.

Short Scientific missions within the ESADA network

  • Marijke Diltjens (ERS stipendiate 2015)
  • Ozen Bazoglu, Izmir, June 2016
  • Canan Gunduz, Izmir, January 2017
  •  Carolina Lombardi, Milano, Q 3 2018

ESADA Scientific Wokshops
The first ESADA Scientific Workshop was held in June 15-18 2017 in Heraklion, Greece. A number of projects evolved from this workshop: OSA and Cancer, Mild OSA, Excessive Daytime Sleepiness in OSA. This workshop was very successful and sparked a lot of new activities in the ESADA network. Similar activities are planned for 2018.

ESADA continued support from the ERS – CRC grant
The European Respiratory Society (ERS) provided an important grant for the ESADA as part of the initiative to support pan-European ”Clinical Research Collaborations (CRC)” from 2015 onwards. This grant was prolonged for the upcoming 3 years.

ESADA Group Meeting 2019
Daniel Roisman and his team will host the ESADA meeting in Paris in 2019.

Ludger Grote on behalf of the ESADA network