April 2016 – Reports – Sleep Medicine Committee (SMC)

Published in ESRS Newsletter April 2016

ESRS Sleep Medicine Committee (SMC)
(28 March 2016)

Members (2014 – 2016):

Thomas Penzel (Coordinator), Walter McNicholas (Vice-Coordinator), Erna Sif Arnardottir, Simone de Lacy, Marie-Pia d’Ortho, Colin Espie, Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Lino Nobili, Tiina Paunio, Dirk Pevernagie, Thomas Pollmächer, Javier Puertas, Andrea Rodenbeck, Marco Zucconi

The Sleep Medicine Committee passed the preparation of the examination for ESRS somnologists and sleep technologists over to the Education committee. With this transition, many members of the Sleep Medicine Committee became members of the Education committee and are busy in the preparation of the examination which is no longer managed by Congrex.

The Sleep Medicine Committee is still focusing on the recognition of Sleep Medicine as a medical subspecialty in Europe. Due to limited resources, no meetings took place, and planning was delayed. Still, the SMC coordinates activities for the accreditation of sleep medicine centers. The current plan is that the ESRS has more of an umbrella role in helping national sleep societies than in doing accreditation in person. This activity is aligned with the national sleep societies, with the ERS (European Respiratory Society) as the most important stakeholder.

Thomas Penzel