March 2014 – Reports – Sleep Medicine Committee (SMC)

Published in ESRS Newsletter March 2018

ESRS Sleep Medicine Committee (SMC)

Members (2012 – 2014):

Ludger Grote, Simone de Lacy, Marie-Pia d’Ortho, Zoran Dogas, Colin Espie, Diego Garcia-Borreguero, Walter McNicholas, Lino Nobili, Dirk Pevernagie, Thomas Pollmächer, Andrea Rodenbeck, Marco Zucconi, Thomas Penzel (Chair)

The Sleep Medicine Committee is working towards the next examinations which will take place at the beginning of the next ESRS congress 2014 in Tallinn, on 16th September 2014. Currently ESRS members can submit their applications. The deadline for submission is 3rd April 2014.

The examinations will be for physician, psychologist, scientist a regular exam, and a grandparents examination for sleep technologists in cooperation with the European Sleep Technologist Association. We are looking forward to a great attendance and are currently preparing the questions and the suggested reading material. The suggested reading material will be announced to all applicants shortly after the deadline for submissions.

The Catalogue of knowledge and skills for sleep medicine, first published online as Early View article, has now appeared as final-published article in the April 2014 issue of the Journal of Sleep Research. The catalogue is the basis for sleep medicine education courses and for a textbook covering all aspects of sleep medicine required to pass the examination successfully. The Sleep Medicine Committee is working on the update of the sleep centre accreditation publication together with the European Respiratory Society (ERS). The update will include technical issues and propose different types of sleep centres (training centres, comprehensive centres, specialized centres) currently discussed in Europe. The alignment with the ERS, more specifically the HERMES program for respiratory sleep medicine is continued. A new meeting with ESRS and ERS delegates is planned for spring this year.

Thomas Penzel