Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Prof. Dr. Ysbrand D. van der Werf

Prof. Dr. YSBRAND D. VAN DER WERF, Ph.D. is Professor of Functional Neuroanatomy at the Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands. He obtained his MSc in both Biology and Psychology at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, obtained his PhD from the Graduate School for Neurosciences in Amsterdam and has worked at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and the Netherlands Institute for Neurosciences. He currently supervises a team of postdocs, PhD students and research assistants at Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands. He was elected into ‘De Jonge Akademie’, a platform for young scientists in the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. He serves as associate editor of the journal of Human Brain Mapping, the scientific advisory board of the Multiple Sclerosis research foundation, the scientific advisory board of the Normal Ageing Brain Bank Amsterdam, serves on the autopsy team of the Netherlands Brain Bank and is the author of a popular science book on sleep in Dutch. He is a frequent speaker for lay and scientific audiences and at international scientific meetings.

His work is primarily concerned with understanding cognitive functions of the brain, using a wide array of techniques: neuroimaging (structural and functional MRI, PET, EEG, MEG), neuropsychology and experimental therapeutic interventions (transcranial magnetic stimulation, light therapy, sleep therapy). He is the PI of an international multicenter imaging study on Parkinson’s disease (ENIGMA-PD), leads a research line on neuroimaging in hypersomnia and investigates disordered sleep in neurological and psychiatric disorders.

St Petersburg, Russia


Dr. Lyudmila Korostovtseva

Dr. Lyudmila Korostovtseva, MD, PhD, is a Research Fellow at the Sleep Medicine Laboratory based at the V.A. Almazov North-West Federal Medical Research Centre, in St Petersburg, Russia. Being a cardiologist, she is particularly interested in the association of sleep disorders with cardiovascular diseases.

She was a fellow of the Marie Curie training program “Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research” (2010). Later, she was a visiting researcher (2 months, in 2011) in the Sleep laboratory at the Neurocentro della Svizzera Italiana di Lugano under the supervision of Prof. Bassetti (Lugano, Switzerland). In 2015-2016 she worked as a research fellow at the Sleep-Wake-Epilepsy Centre based at the Bern University Hospital (Bern, Switzerland) under the supervision of Prof. Bassetti. In 2015, she was one of the organizers of the Workshop for Young Somnologists “Sleep: a window to the world of wakefulness” in St Petersburg (Russia).

She is recipient of several travel grants, prizes (Distinguished Activity Award for the World Sleep Day event, 2014 and 2015), research grants for sleep projects as the principal investigator (grant of the President of Russian Federation; award in recognition of the PhD work) and as a co-investigator.

Yerevan, Armenia

ANSS Representative on the ESRS Board

Dr. Samson Khachatryan

Dr. Samson Khachatryan is a Neuropathologist, advisor to the RA Minister of Health for Neurology, and President of the Armenian Association of Sleep Disorders. Dr. Khachatryan currently works at the National Institute of Health of Armenia as Chair of Department of Neurology in Yerevan. He also is a director at "Somnus" Neurology Clinic, Center for Sleep and Movement Disorders. Samson Khachatryan conducts research in Neurology (Epilepsy) and Sleep Medicine. Their current project is “Role of Sleep Disorders in Epilepsy”.

Bad Feilnbach Reithofpark


Prof. Dr. med. Peter Young

Prof. Dr. Peter Young is the Medical Director of the Clinic for Rehabilitation Medical Park Bad Feilnbach Reithofpark, Germany. Having graduated in medicine from the University of Kiel in 1993, he continued his studies with specialist training in neurology, sleep medicine, and intensive care medicine.

After working in the neurology department at the University of Münster, they awarded him a full professorship for Clinical Neurology and Neurogenetics in 2008 and he became head of their Sleep Medicine and Neuromuscular Disease department. Since April 2019 he has been appointed as the Medical Director of the clinic for rehabilitation, Medical Park Bad Feilnbach in Bavaria.

Dr. Young has been a member of the German Societies of Neurology, Sleep Medicine and Muscular Diseases for many years, and last year was honoured to become President of the German Sleep Society. He is a regular peer reviewer for neurology journals. His scientific work continues to examine subjects including neurogenetics, Schwann cell biology, and sleep disordered breathing in neurological disorders and Sleep disorders in Neurorehabilitation.

Trondheim, Norway


Dr. Morten Engstrøm MD, PhD

Dr. Morten Engstrøm MD, PhD is specialist in clinical neurophysiology and working at St. Olavs hospital and associate professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. He has been president of the Norwegian Society for Sleep Medicine (NSS) since 2016. He has been involved in various types of research projects, but mostly about the relationship between sleep and headache.

Bucharest, Romania

Advisory Member

Dr. Oana-Claudia Deleanu

Dr. Oana-Claudia Deleanu is PhD in Pulmonology, with the thesis „Peculiarities of Evolution under CPAP Therapy in Patients with OSAS and Arterial Hypertension, Including Resistant”. Following her formation as doctor at the National Institute of Pulmonology (specialist since 2007, senior since 2011), she obtained the position of university assistant at “Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy” in 2008 and the position of lecturer in 2015.

Since 2007, she has been working at the National Institute of Pneumology’s Sleep Laboratory as volunteer. In 2014 she has obtained the ERS certified diploma as sleep expert, as well as other diplomas such as “Competency in Somnology, level I and level I+II” (2013) and “Noninvasive Ventilation (2015)” authorized by Romanian Ministry of Health (based on European trainings).

Since 2008, she has been actively participating to multiple national and international conferences and she has been the author/co-author of over 200 presentations and 95 national and international specialized publications, including book chapters, most of them related to the sleep pathology.

The main interest of Dr. Oana-Claudia Deleanu is related to the effect of CPAP on cardiologic features in patients with (resistant) hypertension and obstructive sleep apnea, but also o the clinical aspects related to smoking effects on sleep. In regards to the above-mentioned, she has been a constant member of different research teams involved in national or international projects.
Between 2013 and 2017, Dr. Oana-Claudia Deleanu has been the president of the Romanian Sleep Society, taking as well part in the organization of the Sleep and NIV Conferences (2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017).
In 2017, she has been elected as member of the Executive Committee of Assembly of the National Sleep Society of ESRS

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Advisory Member

Dr. Barbara Strazisar

Dr. Barbara Gnidovec Stražišar is a board certified paedatrician, child neurologist and expert in sleep medicine with almost two decades experience in working with children and adolescents with sleep disorders. She recieved her somnology traninig by Marie Josephe Challamel in Child Sleep Research Unit at Centre hospitalier Lyon-Sud in Lyon and Dr. Richard Ferber at Centre for Pediatric Sleep Disorders in Children’s Hospital Boston. Currently she is the president of the Slovenian Sleep Society and the head of Paediatric department in General Hospital Celje where is located the only accredited Center for Paediatric Sleep Disorders in Slovenia. She is furthermore part-time researcher in the Centre for Sleep Disorders at the Institute for Clinical Neurophysiology in University Medical Centre Ljubljana. Her main research interests are circadian rhythm disorders and sleep in children with neurodevelopmental delay.

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