European Narcolepsy Network (EU-NN)

Bern, Switzerland


Prof. Dr. med. Claudio Bassetti

Claudio Bassetti (tenth ESRS president, 2008 – 2012) is Professor of Neurology and Director of the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland. In the past, he headed the sleep center in Bern (1992–2001), and established clinical and experimental sleep laboratories in the neurology departments of Zürich (2001–2009) and Lugano (2009– 2012). 
He is current president of the Swiss Neurological Society and of the European Neurological Society (ENS). Since 2013 he is board member of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.
His major research topics are sleep in neurological disorders, narcolepsy, and stroke.
He was awarded the 2010 Pisa Sleep Award.
Claudio Bassetti co-organized the 20th and the 21st ESRS congress in Lisbon and Paris, where the ESRS Sleep Research Award was given for the first two times. He professionalized the organization of the society, fostered the development of ESRS sleep medicine curricula and certifications, supported the activities of continental research networks, enhanced the involvement of the scientific committee in the organization of the ESRS meeting, strengthened the links with other professional Societies (co-organizing the first two meetings with the European Respiratory Society), and edited the ESRS 40th anniversary book.


Dr. Giuseppe Plazzi

Bologna, Italy

Warsaw, PL


Aleksandra Wierzbicka

Aleksandra Wierzbicka is a consultant at the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology and Sleep Disorders Center in Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw (Poland). She has completed medical education at the Medical University of Warsaw. She is specialised in neurology and neurophysiology, with the focus on sleep disorders and epilepsy. She has been involved in sleep medicine for 15 years and became a leader of the referrence center for diagnosing and treating of narcolepsy in Poland. She is a member of national and international scientific societies and author and coauthor of numerous publications. She was a fellow of the ESRS-Marie Curie Project "Training in Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine".

Dr Wierzbicka is a board member of the Polish National Sleep Foundation that provides teaching courses on polysomnography and sleep medicine as well as other educational activities for profesionals and patients. She started to cooperate with EU-NN in 2009 and has become EU-NN member in 2013.


Rolf Fronczek

Leiden, The Netherlands


Member at large

Birgitte Kornum

Copenhagen, Denmark


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