Glasgow, September 2008

The Forum’s meeting in Glasgow, organised by Tracey Sletten began with a presentation from Delphine Poiré from the European Platform of Women Scientists ( which seeks to support the work of national and regional networks of women scientists.  The aims of the Platform and the benefits of being a member were discussed in detail and it became clear that the Forum needs to become legally existing to become a member of the Platform.  Myriam Kerkhofs (University of Brussels, Belgium) and Renate Wehrle (University of Zurich, Switzerland) gave presentations on their personal experiences in early stage and senior careers in science.  They spoke of the scientific requirements for career progression and the need for networking and gaining support from mentors and colleagues in addition to the essential non-scientific skills including communication, leadership, management and dealing with competition.  During the meeting we discussed means to move forward with the Forum and to develop its structure and success.

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