Past RNC Members (2016-2018)

Coordinator / ESRS Vice-President (Basic):

Dr. Pierre-Hervé Luppi

Lyon, France

Vice-Coordinator / ESRS Vice-President (Clinical) / EduCom Coordinator:

Prof. Tiina Paunio

Helsinki, Finland

ESRS Past President

Prof. Dr. Philippe Peigneux

Brussels, Belgium

Past RNC Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Debra J. Skene

Guildford, United Kingdom

Scientific Committee Co-Chair:

Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer, PhD, Dr. Habil.

Guildford, United Kingdom

Past Scientific Committee Co-Chair:

Dr. Renata Riha

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

EU Committee Coordinator:

Prof. Roberto Amici

Bologna, Italy

EC ECRN Representative

Dr. Madeleine F. Scriba

Lausanne, Switzerland and Munich, Germany

ESRS Secretary:

Dr. Lino Nobili

Genova, Italy

ESRS Assistant Secretary:

Dr. Tom de Boer

Leiden, The Netherlands

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