Societatea Romana de Somnologie (SRS)

Romanian Sleep Society


Dr. Florin Mihaltan


Presentation held during the ANSS meeting in: Brussels, Belgium, 28. – 30.04.2016 (PDF)

Foundation year

RSS founded in 2005 by Professor Florin Mihaltan.
A working group on sleep was initiated in 1976 by Prof. Popoviciu

Number of members


Composition of members (degree, specialties, subspecialties, etc.)

80 % Pulmonologists, 5 % Cardiologists, 5 % Neurologists, 5 % ENT, 5 % others.

Composition of members (degree, specialties, subspecialties, etc.)

Historical perspective of the society

Prof Popoviciu was the Chair of Local Committee for 4th ESRS Congress, Tirgu-Mures, Romania, September 11 – 15, 1978. Michel Jouvet criticised the communist regime at the opening ceremony, and a team conducted by J. L. Valatx asked and obtained permission to visit political prisoners during the Congress. The special lecture given during the Congress was by Michel Jouvet on Paradoxical sleep and genetic programming of the brain. The congress proceedings were published in Sleep 1978.

The current, independent sleep society was founded in 2005 by Prof. Mihaltan and it started from the Respiratory Society.

Important sleep physicians / researchers in the history of the NSS

Nathaniel Kleitman (April 26, 1895 Kishinev, Romania – August 13, 1999 USA) was Professor in Physiology at the University of Chicago. He was the author of the important book “Sleep and Wakefulness”, published in 1939, he is recognized as the father of American sleep research. Kleitman, along with his student Eugene Aserinsky, was the first to discover rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and demonstrate that it was correlated with dreaming and brain activity.

Liviu Popoviciu, local chair of 4th ESRS Congress.

Oskar Sager (1894 – 1981), neurologist, Arthur Kreindler (1900 – 1988), neurologist.

Mircea Steriade, a prominent researcher in neuroscience, born in Bucharest, Romania, August 20, 1924, passed away in Canada April 14, 2006. He was among the first to study the dynamics of the brain during sleep, and one of his key discoveries was determining the role of thalamic reticular neurons as pacemakers in producing the sleep spindle rhythm.

Florin Amzica, sleep researcher in Montreal, Canada, discovered important cellular substrates and laminar profiles of the K-complex in sleep.

Florin Mihaltan – started first sleep lab in Romania in 1997; founded RSS in 2005 as a branch of Romanian Respiratory Society; lobby for accreditation of somnology and sleep units in Romania – achieved; lobby for reimbursement of sleep medicine (diagnostic and therapy) – still pending.

Stefan Mihaicuta – second president of RSS

Number of Sleep Medicine Centers

A total of 74 sleep units are in operation in 2013, 14 sleep medicine centers with full spectrum of sleep disorders, 60 units predominately to diagnose and treat sleep disordered breathing.

Number of Sleep Research Centers

Accreditation initiated in 2010, 5 centers are accredited including full polysomnography. Sleep Laboratory recognized by Health Authorities: Bucharest, National Institute of Pneumology “Marius Nasta” (Prof Mihaltan, Dr. Oana Deleanu).

In 2011, competence in somnology (7 1/2 months of training) was officially recognized as an area of specific competence by the National Health Authorities; the first competency started in November 2013 (trainers: Prof Fl. Mihaltan and Oana Deleanu – Bucharest, Stefan Mihaicuta – Timisoara, Doina Todea – Cluj, Daniela Boisteanu- Iasi, Lavinia Davidescu – Oradea, Mihaela Oros – Bucharest, pediatric sleep disorders, Stefan Dumitrache-Rujinski – Bucharest, George Mincu – Bucharest, NRT).

Accreditation / Certification procedure

Competence in sleep medicine:

one program for specialists in pneumology, neurology, cardiology, pediatricians, occupational medicine, ENT, internal medicine including 7 1/2 months of training (one module of 1 ½ months and second module of 6 months)
and a different program for general practicioner (one month ½)
a final examination based on the ESRS Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills
started in November 2013

Educational programs

Six Sleep Medicine books since 2002

5 National Conferences

Sleep E-Learning and NIV E-Learning in 2012, each meaning 40 hours online studies followed by a 2 full days meeting with lectures, 5 meetings within the European project FP7 – Human Resources.

Competence in sleep medicine: Program for specialists in pneumology, neurology, cardiology, pediatrics, occupational medicine, ENT, internal medicine including 7 1/2 months of training and a final examination based on the ESRS Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills –started in November 2013.

First National Conference of Non Invasive Ventilation- June, 2014

Present activities, working groups, task forces

Sleep disorders (Oana Deleanu, Stefan Mihaicuta, Daniela Boisteanu)

NIV (Oana Deleanu, Stefan Mihaicuta, Fl Mihaltan, Stefan Dumintrache Rujinski, Lavinia Davidescu)

Sleep in children (Mihaela Oros)

Cardiovascular diseases and Sleep disorders (Stefan Mihaicuta, Dan Lighezan, Oana Deleanu, Florin Mihaltan)

Metabolic consequences of OSA (Doina Todea)

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