Natsional’noe Somnologicheskoye Obshchestvo

National Somnological Society/Russian Society of Somnologists

President of RSS

Prof. Gennadiy Kovrov


Chair of RSS Board

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Kovalzon


Presentation held during the ANSS meeting in: Brussels, Belgium, 28. – 30.04.2016 (PDF)

Foundation year


Number of members


Composition of members (degree, specialties, subspecialties, etc.)

PhD., M.D., M.S. and postgraduate students. Neurologists, cardiologists, psychiatrists and other clinicians; also neuroscientists and psychophysiologists. Professionally engaged in clinical sleep research in various patients, sleep studies in healthy humans and animal sleep experiments.

Historical perspective of the society

After death of Prof. Aleksandr Vein in 2003, the leader of sleep medicine and human sleep physiology in Russia, the International Somnological Society of the Commonwealth of Independent States which he had built and chaired in 1996, expired. This time some of the lows were changed and the legislation base of this society did not exit any more. Trying to create a new professional organization, we established a somnological section at the Pavlovian Physiological Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences. We named our section the “Russian Society of Somnologists” because at that time there was no other professional organization for sleep research and sleep medicine.
Taking into account the recommendation of ANSS/ESRS to banding scientific and clinical sleep societies in Russia, a group of 8 persons including Profs Vladimir Kovalzon, Gennadiy Kovrov, Genrikh Oganessyan and Nikolay Yakhno founded a novel non-commercial organization, association “National Somnological Society” (Russia) and got an official paper of its registration by the Ministry of Justice on June, 8, 2015. All official Russian documents are demonstrated on the society website ( On November, 23, the board of the Russian Society of Somnologists (the Somnology Section of the Pavlovian Physiological Society under the Russian Academy of Sciences), a member of ANSS/ESRS, took the decision to merging into the National Somnological Society, so the professional sleep society including the representatives from both fundamental science and sleep medicine was finally formed and obtained its legal status. The first business meeting of the new society took place in February, 2016, when the new board of directors has been elected, among them: M.Agaltsov (Moscow), E.Verbitskiy (Rostov-on-Don), V.Dorokhov (Moscow), A.Kalinkin (Moscow), V.Kovalzon (Moscow), G.Kovrov (Moscow), Yu.Sviriayev (S.-Petersburg), N.Yakhno (Moscow). Gennadiy Kovrov was elected as the President of the novel sleep society, and Vladimir Kovalzon – the chairman of the board. Also, a youth committee of the sleep society has been elected chaired by Elizaveta Rutskova (Moscow) and Lyudmila Korosovtseva (S.-Petersburg). We decided not to change our “European name”, the Russian Society of Somnologists, and apply to accept our new society as a successor of the previous one and a member of ANSS/ESRS. Our old website is also alive and regularly updated.

Important sleep physicians / researchers in the history of the NSS

Nikolay Grashchenkov (1898-1965) organized the Laboratory of Nervous and Humoral Regulations in the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow;

His disciples Aleksandr Vein (1928-2003), the founder of sleep medicine and human sleep physiology in Russia, and Lev Latash (1924-2002);

The living authority Aleksandr Shepovalnikov, the author of the first Russian monograph “Activity of the sleeping brain” (1971) who is actively working as before at the Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, S.-Petersburg;

Aleksandr Kogan (1912-1989), the chief of the physiology school in Rostov-on-Don;

Tengiz Oniani (1928-2012), the chief of the Georgian sleep school, Tbilisi.

Number of Sleep Medicine Centers

About 50 Sleep Medicine Centers in Russia, , among them: in Moscow –
those led by A.Kalinkin (, R.Buzunov (, M. Agaltsov (, I.Zavalko (; in S.-Peterburg – Yu.V.Sviriaev (, in Krasnoyarsk (, Nizhnii Novgorod (, etc.

Number of Sleep Research Centers

7 Sleep Research Centers, among them located at: Sechenov Institute Evolutionary Physiology/Biochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), S.-Petersburg (3 labs); Institute Higher Nervous Activity/Neurophysiology, RAS, Moscow (1 lab); Severtsov Institute Ecology/Evolution, RAS, Moscow (2 groups); Kharkevich Institute Information Transmission, RAS. Moscow (1 group); Sechenov 1st Moscow State Medical University (2 clinical research groups); Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don (1 lab), Southern Scientific Center, RAS, Rostov-on-Don (1 lab).

Accreditation / Certification procedure

At the Sechenov 1st Moscow State Medical University, Dept. Nervous Diseases

Educational programs

Lecture courses and postgraduate students at: Lomonosov Moscow State University (Biological Faculty); Sechenov 1st Moscow State Medical University (Dept. Nervous Diseases).

Postgraduate students also at: Sechenov Institute Evolutionary Physiology/Biochemistry, RAS, S.-Petersburg; Institute Higher Nervous Activity/Neurophysiology, RAS, Moscow; Severtsov Institute Ecology/Evolution, RAS, Moscow; Southern Scientific Center, RAS, Rostov-on-Don.

Present activities, working groups, task forces

Sechenov Inst. Evolutionary Physiology/Biochemistry, RAS, S.- Petersburg: I.Ekimova and her lab (molecular mechanisms of sleep in mammals and birds); Yu.Sviriaev and his lab. (phylo- and ontogenetic aspects of sleep-wake regulation); A.Shepovalnikov and his lab. (human EEG in waking, sleeping and altered states of consciousness).
Southern Scientific Center, RAS, Rostov-on-Don: E.Verbitskiy and his group (sleep and anxiety in humans).
Severtsov Inst. Ecology/Evolution, RAS, Moscow: L.Mukhametov, O.I.Lyamin and their group (sleep-wake characteristics in marine mammals and birds); V.Kovalzon and his group (sleep in experimental models of important diseases).
Kharkevich Institute Information Transmission, RAS, Moscow: I.Pigarev and his group (interceptive influences upon sleep, Local sleep).
Institute Higher Nervous Activity/Neurophysiology, RAS, Moscow: V.Dorokhov and his lab (effects of stress and tiredness on human sleep; environmental factors and animal sleep).

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