Svensk Förening för Sömnforskning och Sömnmedicin (SFSS)

Swedish Sleep Society


Prof Göran Kecklund


Foundation year


Number of members


Composition of members (degree, specialties, subspecialties, etc.)

40% physicians mainly ENT specialists and Pneumologists and a few Neurologists, Psychiatrists, GPs, Pediatricians, Gynaecologists and Neurophysiologists.
20% Nurses, 15% Dentists, 13% Technicians, 5% Psychologists and 2% Physiotherapists; 5% other.

Historical perspective of the society

The society was founded in 1989. The aim of the society is to promote basic and clinical research as well as clinical activity concerning sleep and wakefulness. It started with a very small group of people working in sleep research and the fi rst president was Prof. Jerker Hetta. During the years the society has grown, not only in members but also in the fi eld of interest. Both sleep research and sleep medicine has widened and today we are proud of recognizing many different professions coming together sharing their common interest of sleep.

Important sleep physicians / researchers in the history of the NSS

Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Jerker Hetta, Eva Svanborg, Jan Hedner, Ludger Grote, Yüksel Peker, Jan Ulfberg, Eva Lindberg, Karl Franklin and Sören Berg.

Number of Sleep Medicine Centers

A total of 11 centers provide full PSG services on a regular basis, additional 25 centers provide mainly diagnosis and treatment of sleep disordered breathing

Number of Sleep Research Centers

A total of 15 centers report ongoing research projects at the SFSS webpage, at our annual meetings and at international congresses.

Accreditation / Certification procedure

The society provides, as part of the Nordic Association of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Societies (NOSMAC), a certifi cate in Sleep Medicine in accordance with the ESRS certifi cation guidelines. The candidates must also pass four training courses (sleep physiology, breathing disorders during sleep, insomnia, para- and hypersomnias) provided by the society. This education is mainly adjusted to physicians but there is a similar, but less extensive program for other groups. 27 “grandfathers/-mothers” have been certifi ed and trained. The accreditation process for sleep centers within the NOSMAC organization is outlined and this process will start in the very near future.

Educational programs

Besides the courses included in the specialist training program, the society also organizes workshops and courses at the annual congresses and sometimes also at other specialists joint meetings.

Present activities, working groups, task forces

We have an annual congress consisting of one day with courses/workshops and two days of science with keynote lectures and oral and poster presentations.
During the last years we have built up three sections within the society; the Odontological-, the Pediatric- and the Behavioral Sleep Medicine to accomplish further development within these groups.
Members of the society take great responsibility in highlighting sleep issues in the scientifi c and clinical world but also in the community, among ordinary people, politicians and leaders as well as in schools and industries by giving lectures, interviews or in other ways sharing expert knowledge

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