Sleep Science Friday: A tour through Belgium with the BASS

Sleep Science Friday: A tour through Belgium with the BASS 26 February 2021 Today’s SSF brings us to Belgium. The Belgian Association for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine, or the BASS, is one of the oldest national sleep societies,  founded as early as  1982, and is an active participant of the ESRS and ANSS events and initiatives. The logo of the BASS has been recognized as the best emblem among all national sleep societies by the ANSS. Today, the recently elected President of the BASS, Professor Dries Testelmans, Pulmonologist at the Department of Respiratory diseases at Leuven University Clinic will tell us about the milestones of the BASS in 2020 and plans for 2021.       In defiance of all the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the BASS had a successful 2020! It had it’s  first full online, but highly attended meeting, and also held elections for the Board with a new BASS board with 8 members  …

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