Sleep Science Friday: Wake-Sleep Transition Zone – Microsleep Episodes

30 April 2021   What is a microsleep episode (MSE), and the importance for detection? Dr. David Schreier, Sleep-Wake Scientist at the Department of Neurology, Bern, Switzerland and Dr. Jelena Skorucak, Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Zurich, Switzerland explain this in more detail, along with presenting their studies on the topic.  In their video below, Dr. Schreier states that while there is no universal definition of MSEs, they can be generally described as short episodes or periods of sleep, assuming the basic state is wakefulness (of which the opposite is arousal, which represents short periods of wakefulness assuming the basic state is sleep).      The accurate detection, scoring and diagnosis of MSEs is critical as it can be a major risk factor in various situations such as driving or operating other heavy machinery.  Recent studies have aimed to better characterize microsleep transition …

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