Research Grant to Support Ukrainians

Application Guidelines

Applications will be ealuated & accepted on a rolling basis
All application files should be in English and in a PDF format
All application files should be submitted via email to Vroni Aumeier, ESRS Business Administrator
The ESRS Research Networking Committee will rank the grant applications

Grant Aims

This Grant was recently created in light of the ongoing situation in Ukraine. In support of Ukrainians leaving (or who have left) Ukraine due to the conflict, we are offering a 3-month grant to support a study stay at a European institution. This Grant aims to:

  1. Promote training applied to sleep research in Europe and supporting the exchange in Europe of scientists/investigators as well as clinicians actively involved in research in sleep medicine in Ukraine.
  2. Contribute to the transfer and implementation of new research techniques or methodologies in sleep medicine throughout Europe.
  3. Support the ongoing career development of Ukrainian candidates displaced from their home institution. Applications are encouraged from individuals at any stage of their career.

Please note:

  • The Grant is available to scientists, investigators, clinicians, allied health professionals, and nurses who intend to to develop, acquire, apply and carry out basic, translational or clinical research projects and to develop, acquire and apply new skills, advanced research procedures and techniques in the area of sleep medicine.
  • The Grant is not awarded for purely clinical and educational training. Therefore, it is mandatory that projects include a significant research component and lead to research activities and development of research after return of the candidate to the home (or another) institution.
  • The Grant is not awarded for undergraduate studies, workshops, courses, lectures, meetings, conferences, congresses or for visiting institutions without a clear research project to be completed.

A maximum amount of 2.800 EUR will be awarded.


  • Training will be pursued in an experienced laboratory belonging to the ESRS Network of Sleep Research Laboratories. It is acceptable to apply from outside the Ukraine or even if you are already at the host institute.
  • The grant sum awarded by the ESRS should cover travel and accommodation costs within Europe and provide enough money to live on during the 3-month research period.
  • The receiving laboratory is expected to finance the living expenses during the stay, at least partially, if it exceeds the size of the ESRS contribution.
  • Candidates must have an agreement with the host institution where their study stay will be carried out at time of application. If you do not have a host, list your skillset/research and note that you would need a host so we can try and connect you.
  • Candidates must have adequate fluency in a language that permits effective communication at the host institution.
  • Candidates must return to their home institution to apply the newly acquired research skills, or to continue to develop their research on completion of their visit or when possible.
  • Candidates are responsible for identifying a research project at the host institution as well as a suitable supervisor.
  • The duration of the study stay may not be reduced or split.
  • The study stay must be carried out on a full-time basis.
  • The grant is not intended to be used as supplementary or ‘top up’ funding for a research project already in place by either the Host or Home institutions.
  • The study stay must commence after the funding decision date, allowing for sufficient time to complete travel, visa, and passport and housing formalities. The visit must be started within 1 year from notification of a successful grant application.
  • All candidates should be members of the ESRS at the time of application.
  • Candidates should be employed in sleep research or sleep medicine training at the time of application.
  • There is no upper age limit for eligibility.


  • Supporting statement on the purpose of undertaking research at the host institution, outline of the novel research project to be undertaken and any skills that will be acquired and how this will enhance the applicant’s development and contribute to the host institution, whether it is in the clinical or experimental sleep medicine fields.
  • Work plan description (max. one page)
  • Home supervisor’s training background and CV (max. one page)
  • Host supervisor’s training background and CV (max. one page)
  • Breakdown of travel, accommodation and projected subsistence costs at host institution.
  • Candidate’s CV
  • Candidate’s ID photo
  • Candidate’s passport or ID
  • Candidate’s highest degree
  • On completion of the study stay, the candidate will be required to write a summary report of the visit with a description of research outcomes (~1000 words)  to be forwarded to the ESRS executive committee and published on ESRS website and other related channels.
  • Candidates are encouraged to submit an abstract covering work from the stay to future Sleep Europe Conferences.