The ESRS organizes an ongoing series of educational webinars available free-of-charge to both members and non members live. These webinars aim to fulfill a part of the ESRS mission to “facilitate the dissemination of information regarding sleep research and sleep medicine”.

Upcoming Webinars

Past Webinars

Hot Topics in Obstructive Sleep Apnea – A European View

1. The diagnosis of OSA revolutionized – Dr. Erna Sif Arnardottir
2.OSA comorbidities – Prof. Dr. Maria Bonsignore
3. Evidence based treatment of OSA – Prof. Dr. Walter McNicholas
4.To treat or not to treat? the Baveno perspective – Prof. Dr. Winfried Randerath
5. National knowledge-driven management of OSA – the Swedish approach – Prof. Dr. Ludger Grote

UN International Day of Women & Girls in Science: Highlight on Sleep Research

1. Sex Differences in Sleep and Cognitive Research - Dr. Adriana Michalak
2. Sleep and Cardiometabolic Risk - Dr. Brooke Aggarwal
3. Sex Differences in Steroid Actions - Dr. Jessica Mong
4. Sex Differences in Social Jetlag - Dr. Maria Hrozanova

Sleep Control, Stress & Emotion

1. Linking stress and restorative sleep - Xiao Yu & Prof. William Wisden
2. Role of amygdala and dopamine in the mechanism of REM sleep regulation - Prof. Takeshi Sakurai & Emi Hasegawa

Sleep & [Mental, Brain & Body] Health

1. Sleep & Mental Health - Prof. Dr. Tiina Paunio
2. Sleep & Brain Health - Prof. Dr. Claudio Bassetti

The Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation

1. Flight time regulation and aircrew sleep duration and sleepiness - Prof. Torbjörn Åkerstedt
2. Academics performance induced by poor sleep. What could be done to avoid it? - Dr. Bárbara Strazisar

Sleep During The COVID-19 Pandemic

1. The impact of COVID-19 on sleep and circadian problems: overview and how to study it - Prof. Markku Partinen
2. Covid-19 pandemic and sleep complaints and hypnotic intake in France - Prof. Damien Leger
3. Covid-19 lockdown in Italy: impact on sleep patterns, sense of time and digital media use - Dr. Nicola Cellini
4. Pandemic nightmares: Effects on dream activity of the COVID-19 lockdown in Italy - Dr. Valentina Alfonsi
5. How to deal with sleep problems during the Covid-19 pandemic: recommendations from a European taskforce - Dr. Ellemarije Altena