The ESRS organises an ongoing series of educational webinars available free-of-charge to both members and non members live. These webinars aim to fulfil a part of the ESRS mission to “facilitate the dissemination of information regarding sleep research and sleep medicine”.

Upcoming Webinars

Making Conference Travel More Sustainable by Compensating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ECRN Lunch Time Talk
An ESRS ECRN webinar featuring Fridolin Hanel, physics engineer from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany.

Past Webinars

Hot Topics in Obstructive Sleep Apnea – A European View

1. The diagnosis of OSA revolutionized – Dr. Erna Sif Arnardottir
2.OSA comorbidities – Prof. Dr. Maria Bonsignore
3. Evidence based treatment of OSA – Prof. Dr. Walter McNicholas
4.To treat or not to treat? the Baveno perspective – Prof. Dr. Winfried Randerath
5. National knowledge-driven management of OSA – the Swedish approach – Prof. Dr. Ludger Grote

UN International Day of Women & Girls in Science: Highlight on Sleep Research

1. Sex Differences in Sleep and Cognitive Research - Dr. Adriana Michalak
2. Sleep and Cardiometabolic Risk - Dr. Brooke Aggarwal
3. Sex Differences in Steroid Actions - Dr. Jessica Mong
4. Sex Differences in Social Jetlag - Dr. Maria Hrozanova

Sleep Control, Stress & Emotion

1. Linking stress and restorative sleep - Xiao Yu & Prof. William Wisden
2. Role of amygdala and dopamine in the mechanism of REM sleep regulation - Prof. Takeshi Sakurai & Emi Hasegawa

Sleep & [Mental, Brain & Body] Health

1. Sleep & Mental Health - Prof. Dr. Tiina Paunio
2. Sleep & Brain Health - Prof. Dr. Claudio Bassetti

The Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation

1. Flight time regulation and aircrew sleep duration and sleepiness - Prof. Torbjörn Åkerstedt
2. Academics performance induced by poor sleep. What could be done to avoid it? - Dr. Bárbara Strazisar

Sleep During The COVID-19 Pandemic

1. The impact of COVID-19 on sleep and circadian problems: overview and how to study it - Prof. Markku Partinen
2. Covid-19 pandemic and sleep complaints and hypnotic intake in France - Prof. Damien Leger
3. Covid-19 lockdown in Italy: impact on sleep patterns, sense of time and digital media use - Dr. Nicola Cellini
4. Pandemic nightmares: Effects on dream activity of the COVID-19 lockdown in Italy - Dr. Valentina Alfonsi
5. How to deal with sleep problems during the Covid-19 pandemic: recommendations from a European taskforce - Dr. Ellemarije Altena