Individual Membership

Individual Membership

Individual Member Benefits

Whether you are a student, just starting your career or already a senior clinician, researcher or physician, if your interest in sleep research and sleep medicine, an Individual ESRS Membership is the right choice for you.

Join the ESRS community and gain access to outstanding benefits like:

  • Free annual subscription to the online version of the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR)

  • Discount on JSR's Open Access price for authors that are ESRS members

  • Reduced fees at ESRS Congress and other events

  • Member discount on the ESRS Sleep Medicine Textbox

  • Monthly ESRS President's newsletter delivered straight to your inbox

  • Voting rights

  • Eligibility to be voted into any ESRS position

  • Eligibility to apply for ESRS grants and financial support

  • Access to members only content in website, from ESRS products to a wide range of educational content ​

  • Automatic membership to the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)

  • Full access to European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN) articles

  • Discounted registration rates for the FENS Forum​

  • Easy registration for all FENS activities, including schools and training courses​


Choose your Individual Membership

Full Membership

€ 6.83 / month

Valid for 2024 and 2025

For clinicians, researchers and scientists working in the field of sleep medicine.

The €164 full membership fee is paid once for every 2 calendar years (€ 1.58 for a coffee /week)

Benefits Included

Reduced Membership

€ 2.50 / month

Valid for 2024 and 2025

For students, early-career professionals and long-standing ESRS members after retirement. *

The €60 reduced membership fee is paid once for every 2 calendar years (€ 0.58 for a bottle of water /week)

Benefits Included

  • All Individual Member benefits

* Check your Membership Category details:

Reduced membership is available for student members or “Early Career Members”, which means up to 5 years after graduation.

Application must include a letter from the head of the department certifying that the candidate is in training (undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student, post-doc or resident), and a transcript of matriculation at the university. These items should be uploaded with the application. Both documents need to be submitted every year.

Reduced membership is available for longstanding full members of the ESRS after retirement and is decided on an individual basis by the ESRS Board.

In certain cases, the ESRS Board may grant the status of an emeritus member to former longstanding members who are retired and have yielded outstanding contributions to the field of sleep research or sleep medicine.

Emeritus members are exempt from paying any fees.

Associate Individual

Valid for 2024 and 2025

For members from Affiliated National Sleep Societies who are not ESRS members.

Registration available soon

No fee required. Available to all members from ESRS Affiliated National Sleep Societies Check list here

Benefits Included

  • Privileged access to ESRS Newsletters and other information and educational programs through your Affiliated National Sleep Society
  • Access to a special ANSS discount on the ESRS Sleep Medicine Textbook upon registration on ESRS website 

Benefits Not Included

  • No access to all other Individual Member benefits

All Membership Benefits

Membership Application Guidelines


  • Only online applications will be accepted. Please click the button under the desired membership level above and follow the instructions.
  • The ESRS Board will determine admission or rejection of the membership.

Any doubt, please contact ESRS office through ESRS contact page.


  • The membership fee is set by the general assembly of members at the ESRS business meeting for the respective membership levels (full, reduced and supporting members).
  • The membership fee for the following two years shall be paid on a biennial basis prior to December 1 of the current year.
  • Members who join after October 31 are exempt from paying the membership fee of the current year.
  • Members who do not pay their fees after a reminder letter from the treasurer will be suspended until payment.