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ESRS 2020 goes fully virtual!

Dear colleagues and friends,

I hope you have coped well with the difficulties imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic over recent months and earnestly hope that the recent upsurge in new cases across many European countries does not lead to a second wave.

Preparations are well advanced for our first ESRS Virtual Congress during September 22-24 and I’m very grateful to my Board colleagues and the Scientific Committee for preparing a highly attractive programme at such short notice.

We will have 3 simultaneous tracks throughout the Congress, which ensures that all clinical and scientific areas of interest can be covered throughout the meeting. In fact, all symposia that were included in the original programme for Seville have been retained in the virtual programme. Furthermore, we have close to 700 original science presentations as oral or poster presentations and the technology will be available during the congress for participants to interact with presenters.

The format of the Congress platform is highly attractive and functional, and is structured to allow participants to entrance the Congress “lobby” with easily navigated pathways from the lobby into different lecture halls, exhibition centre, chat forums etc. An information desk will also be provided in the lobby to assist delegates.

A central component of our Congress is the Business meeting and plans are underway to organise this as a virtual event during the meeting. A key aspect of the business meeting is the election of new Board officers and applications are welcome from ESRS members for several positions that will become vacant in September. These are: President, Clinical Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary. The current Basic Vice President and Treasurer are eligible for re-election to their existing position. Applications should be submitted to the ESRS secretary, Pierre-Herve Luppi, according to established criteria before the deadline of Wednesday September 9th.

The virtual congress will be held on September 22- 24, the ESRS Examination in Sleep Medicine on-line edition will be conducted on September 25. Register here to attend the virtual congress and profit from the Early Bird Fee Registration Deadline until 14 August 2020. I strongly urge you to register for this year’s Congress and please note that the registration fee has been reduced to 50% of the normal cost. You can find the adapted prices for the virtual congress registration here.

This, together with the fact that travel and accommodation costs do not apply this year make the Congress highly attractive in terms of cost, and especially considering the extensive programme planned.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s special virtual edition!

Best wishes,

Walter McNicholas
ESRS President

Update: 6 August 2020

European Sleep Research Society

The European Sleep Research Society is an international scientific non-profit organization and promotes all aspects of sleep research and sleep medicine. These include the publication of the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR), the organization of scientific meetings, and the promotion of training and education, the dissemination of information, and the establishment of fellowships and awards.

The idea of a European sleep society germinated during an international sleep symposium, "Die Natur des Schlafes / The Nature of Sleep", which was organized by U. J. Jovanović and held in Würzburg 1971. Prof. Werner P. Koella (Basel) was charged with the task of organizing a sleep congress and preparing the foundation of a sleep society.  A founding committee, including Drs. Walter Baust (Düsseldorf),  Claude Gottesmann (Nice), Uroš J. Jovanović (Würzburg), Werner P. Koella (Chairman), Ian Oswald (Edinburgh) and Liviu Popoviciu (Târgu-Mureș), was established.



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The Journal of Sleep Research offers an open access option called OnlineOpen. It is available to authors who wish to make their article open access, free to read, download and share via Wiley Online Library and PubMed Central.



Online Open Fees:

Non- Members US $ 3.500

ESRS Members US $ 1.000





For further information about the ESRS,
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