Sleep Medicine Textbook

Sleep Medicine Textbook

The second edition of the Sleep Medicine Textbook published by the ESRS in 2021, provides a state of the art, significantly expanded comprehensive, all-in-one educational material (15 sections, 92 chapters, 1,100 pages) structured around the actual Sleep Medicine Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills – Revision (Penzel et al. 2021, Journal of Sleep Research).

Written by experts in the field and published by the ESRS, the Sleep Medicine Textbook, comprises the knowledge-base for the ESRS examinations in sleep medicine.

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ESRS-ECRN – ESRS Early Career Researcher Network
ANSS – Assembly of National Sleep Societies

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Additional Details

Book Title: Sleep Medicine Textbook, 2nd edition

Editors: Claudio Bassetti, Walter McNicholas, Tiina Paunio, Philippe Peigneux
Publisher: European Sleep Research Society (ESRS), Regensburg, Germany
Publication Year: 2021
Language: English
ISBN: 9781119789017


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