Organisation Membership

Organisation Membership

Organisation Membership Beneficiaries

This type of membership is directed for national sleep societies, research and scientific institutes, corporate entities and other organisations. Today, ESRS reaches all corners of the world, not only Europe. Hence, even if your organisation is not European-based, it can become an ESRS member.

Join ESRS network and boost your organisation visibility and connections:

  • If you are an European national sleep society, you can apply to become an associate of the Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS), and gain a stronger voice in the development of sleep medicine and sleep research.

  • We welcome any organisation that desires to establish synergies with ESRS,  and shares the goal to promote all aspects of research on sleep and sleep-related areas to improve the care of patients. You are invited to become ESRS corporate members.

  • Companies and non-European national sleep societies are also welcome to become ESRS supporting members.

Choose the right Membership for your Organisation

Associate Society

Open to European national sleep societies who wish to become associate with the ESRS Assembly of National Sleep Societies.

Featured Benefits

  • Become part as an associate of the ESRS Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS)


Open to organisations and entities interested in the advancement and innovations in sleep medicine and sleep research.

Featured Benefits

  • Participate in the ESRS Corporate Advisory Group Meeting.


Open to companies or societies other than European national sleep societies who wish to collaborate and support ESRS.

Featured Benefits

  • Support Sleep Science and formalise your relationship with ESRS.

Associate Society Membership Details

One representative from each National sleep society (NSS) will become a part of the Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS).

The ANSS determines its own articles based on the following principles:

  • The ANSS meets at least every second year during the ESRS congress.
  • The ANSS elects an executive committee of 5 representatives from national sleep societies. The committee designates a chair and a co-chair.
  • This ANSS executive committee proposes one member to the ESRS Board as a full board member.
  • The ANSS fixes annual fees to be paid by every associate society member. These fees, paid to the ESRS treasurer, are used for expenses of the ANSS.

Applications of national sleep societies are directed to the ESRS board; decisions regarding membership are made on an individual basis.

Individuals who are members of their national sleep societies are automatically Associate Individual Members of ESRS and receive the ESRS monthly newsletter through their national sleep society. To profit from full membership benefits including voting rights, discounted programming and access to the Journal of Sleep Research (JSR), Associate Individual Members should also become Full Individual Members of the ESRS.

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Corporate Membership Details

  • Share your vision, intellect, and financial resources with the sleep research and sleep medicine community in a cost-effective and productive manner.
  • Choose from 3 different membership levels appropriate for your needs and objectives.
  • Take a look at the many benefits available to you by becoming an ESRS corporate member.
  • Already made the decision to join us as a corporate member? Answer these few questions and we’ll get in touch.

Supporting Membership Details

  • Contact the ESRS Head Office for information on privileges and opportunities for collaboration
  • No active or passive voting rights
  • The membership fee is fixed yearly by the ESRS board.

Membership Application Guidelines


  • Only online applications will be accepted. Please contact the ESRS Head Office to begin the application process.
  • The ESRS Board will determine admission or rejection of the membership.


  • The membership fee is set by the general assembly of members at the ESRS business meeting for the respective membership levels (full, reduced and supporting members).
  • The membership fee for the following two years shall be paid on a biennial basis prior to December 1 of the current year.
  • Members who join after October 30 are exempt from paying the membership fee of the current year.
  • Members who do not pay their fees after a reminder letter from the treasurer will be suspended until payment.