Temporal Organization of Behavior (TO-Be) lab – Ariel University

Temporal Organization of Behavior (TO-Be) lab - Ariel University

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Temporal Organization of Behavior (TO-Be) lab

Contact: Maria  
Position: Head
Address: 65 Ramat HaGolan St
City: Ariel
Country: Israel
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Laboratory Description:

Our research brings the exploration of the interaction between human chrono-biology, chrono-behavior, cognitive abilities and experience-dependent brain plasticity to the foreground. We promote laboratory-based, as well as, real-world setting research, focusing on the exploration of “time factors” in neurobiology of cognition and wellbeing. I am implementing a comprehensive person-environment-task-time approach, considering the history and the time-course of quantifiable intra- and extra-personal factors to assess neurocognitive functioning. Of particular interest to me are the following factors: magnitude of circadian misalignment, sleep, endocrinal factors (melatonin and cortisol), exposure to light and noise, arousal levels during acquisition and performance (background ANS and CNS states) and inter-subject variability in sensory sensitivity to sensory stimulation (by light and vibration). Currently, the focus of the TO-Be lab is on the role of light, time-of day and arousal as “gating” factors in attention, learning and psychological wellbeing in adults, with a specific interest in adults with ADHD and elderly.


Additional Descriptors, Keywords:


Sleep and biological clock in cognition and wellbeing

Epidemiology of sleep and biological clock

Bright Light Therapy / Natural Daylight interventions

Brain plasticity, attention and memory in adulthood

Sleep in ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders

Role of sleep in procedural memory consolidation and motor rehabilitation

Wearable and virtual technologies

Utilization of Living Lab approach in neurocognitive research

KEY Publications of the Laboratory:

Complete List of Published Work: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=R0aYI1cAAAAJ&hl=en


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