Akershus university hospital sleep laboratory, University Hospital

Division of surgery

Harald Hrubos-Strøm
Senior Consultant
Sykehusveien 25
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Research Domain
  • Clinical
  • Sleep and Medical Disorders
  • Behavioural Sleep Disorders
  • Epidemiology of Sleep
Current Announcements

Related to the “Sleep Revolution” project, our laboratory will hire a Post Doc researcher and a PhD student. Please contact dr. Hrubos-Strøm for details.

Laboratory description

The Akershus university hospital (Ahus) sleep research laboratory is organized under the director of the surgical division. The laboratory holds two Nox Medical A1 devices allocated for in-hospital scientific sleep registrations. Nox T3 polygraphs may be borrowed from the otorhinoloaryngology clinical sleep laboratory located at the same site.

Relevant research projects

  • NordForsk (2019-2022). “Novel wearable sensors and machine learning solutions for personalized diagnostics and treatment of sleep apnoea (NordSleep)”. Norway PI Harald Hrubos-Strøm, consortium project between Iceland, Finland and Norway. Norwegian grant proportion €750.000 (Project total costs: ca. €2.5 M, Dr. Töyräs is the Consortium Head).
  • Hrubos-Strøm is the current project leader of the Norwegian part of the Nord Sleep project. The project is based on two cohorts:

-The Akershus Sleep Apnea (ASAP) epidemiological cohort: 535 community-dwelling participants

initially examined between 2006-2008. A second clinical examination is currently being conducted.

The main research aim of the follow-up project is to investigate relations between co-morbid OSA,

insomnia, and sub-clinical myocardial damage. An electronical sleep diary with an automatically feedback function has been developed in the project. The PhD candidate responsible for data collection

is the post doc applicant of the current study.

-The ASAP clinical cohort: Based on the “Akershus Sleep Apnea Diagnostics and Treatment Evaluation study” with baseline examination of 275 subjects (submitted for publication). A follow-up study approved by the regional ethical committee will examine the feasibility of novel technology based on electroencephalography (EEG) biofeedback and the electronical sleep diary developed in the project.

  • The CAPABLE project, led by AHUS, is an innovation project with participants from healthcare, patient organisations, research groups, industry, and standards organisations. The aim of the CAPABLE project is to develop a platform to enable people to use personal clinical information to manage disease and promote health on an everyday basis.

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The organisation

Akershus Universitetssykehus (A-HUS), located close to Oslo’s city-border, is the largest local hospital in Norway serving a population of approximately 560,000. The hospital is responsible for a major part of health personnel education and research through close collaboration with Oslo Metropolitan University and the University of Oslo.


Key Personnel

Senior consultant Harald Hrubos-Strøm (male)

Dr. Harald Hrubos-Strøm holds a position at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology. He is the Norwegian PI of the Sleep Revolution project. He is a clinician and a researcher with interest in the physiology of the upper airways, sleep apnoea diagnostics, and novel treatment solutions. Dr Hrubos-Strøm has an MD from the University of Bergen and a PhD from the University of Oslo. After obtaining his PhD, he has specialised in otorhinolaryngology and co-supervised one PhD student. He is currently the main supervisor of two PhD students, acting leader of the otorhinolaryngology research group at A-HUS, and national leader of the NordSleep project.  He also holds an expert certificate as a Somnologist from the European Sleep Research Society. There is already an established collaboration between Dr. Hrubos-Strøm and Dr. Arnardottir through co-authorship of two recent articles exploring the role of the nose in sleep apnoea.


Title:  PhD

Name:  Erna Sif Arnardottir

Position:  Head of laboratory

Institution:  University of Reykjavik

Email:  ernasifa@ru.is

Title:  PhD

Name:  Timo Leppanen

Position:  Senior researcher

Institution:  University of Eastern Finland

Email:  timo.leppanen@uef.fi

Title:  PhD

Name:  Juha Töyras

Position:  Group leader

Institution:  University of Eastern Finland

Email:  juha.toyras@uef.fi

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