Dr. Ana Luisa Vieira profile photo

Dr. Ana Luísa Vieira

Hospital de Braga

Dr. Ana Luísa Vieira, is a dedicated Pulmonologist and Sleep Physician, honoured to be a member of the European Sleep Research Society. With an unwavering passion for advancing Sleep Medicine, she is an expert in patient care, research, and academic leadership. 

While her clinical responsibilities also encompass inpatient and emergency care, her true passion lies in addressing respiratory sleep disorders and neuromuscular-related respiratory failure. She feels privileged to lead the Chronic Respiratory Failure Outpatient Clinic and the Sleep Lab. As an investigator, she leads clinical trials at the 2CA Clinical Center, focusing on chronic respiratory diseases and sleep disorders. Actively engages with Universidade do Minho, through teaching and mentoring medicine students.  

Beyond clinical practice, she is passionate about public engagement and frequently contributes to local scientific discussions on Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine. 

As a member of the ESRS DCC, she is eager to fulfil its mission, making significant strides in Sleep Medicine. “Together, we can shape the future of this field!