Dr. Carolin Reichert

Research Fellow & Deputy Head
Centre for Chronobiology
Psychiatric University Clinics Basel
Transfaculty Research Platform
University of Basel

Carolin F. Reichert, Ph.D., is a research fellow and deputy head at the Centre for Chronobiology, (University Psychiatric Clinics Basel, Switzerland; Transfaculty Research Platform Molecular and Cognitive Neurosciences, University of Basel) and also works as a clinical psychologist at the Centre for Affective, Stress, and Sleep Disorders (University Psychiatric Clinics Basel). Her research combines methods of electrophysiology (electroencephalography), magnetic resonance imaging, and neuro­cognitive testing, to investigate the role of neuromodulators (such as adenosine and caffeine) on human sleep homeostasis and the circadian timing system across human development.

She has been awarded several competitive grants (e.g., by the Swiss National Science Foundation) and has more than 10 years of experience in human sleep and circadian rhythms research. Aside from science, she commits herself to sustainability, including the promotion of diversity and reduction of social inequalities. Dr. Reichert is convinced that promoting diversity in the ESRS enriches scientific perspectives and is a powerful tool to create a more comprehensive scientific view on sleep-wake-regulation.