Dr. Lieve van Egmond

Lieve van Egmond recently finished her Doctoral studies under the supervision of Associate Professor Christian Benedict at Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research focused on the psycho-metabolic consequences of sleep loss in people, for which she used epidemiological and experimental methods, including polysomnography and eye-tracking.

Lieve obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She then moved to Uppsala, Sweden, for her Master’s in Biomedicine in 2015. Her sleep research career started in 2016, when she conducted her Master´s project under the guidance of Associate Professor Christian Benedict in the Uppsala Sleep Science Laboratory, investigating real-life sleep habits using a phone application and in-lab measurements. She has since published 15 sleep-related peer-reviewed publications and taught university courses in f.e., neuroscience, sleep, and appetite regulation. She is a big advocate for implementing science in society and has been highly active in scientific outreach within and outside Sweden.

Lieve is a member of a local Swedish sleep network and the national Swedish Society for Sleep and Sleep Medicine. In 2022, Lieve got elected to join the ESRS Early Career Researcher Network (ECRN) executive committee, where she took up the role of Secretary.