digital communication committee call for new members

Call for New Members of the Digital and Communication Committee

Application Deadline (extended): 15 May 2023 

The scope of the position(s)


The purpose of the ESRS is to promote research on sleep and sleep-related areas, improve the care for patients with sleep disorders, and facilitate the dissemination of information regarding sleep research and sleep medicine. In accordance with the policy to appoint members for new positions, the ESRS announces the vacancy for several roles within the Digital & Communication Committee (DCC). 

The DCC is a formal body of the ESRS. Its mission is to enhance ESRS’ online communication and to further develop its digital identity and online presence in order to best deliver timely, accurate and useful information about sleep medicine and sleep research to health care professionals, researchers and lay people regardless of their membership status. 

Roles & Tasks 

Website Editorial (2 effective members) 

  • Coordinate Sleep Science Friday posts with ESRS Staff including 
  • Maintain an editorial calendar on sleep medicine and sleep research content for weekly publication 
  • Reach out to potential contributors 
  • Conduct or coordinate interviews as necessary 
  • Proofread or edit content primarily for scientific accuracy 

Social Media (2 effective members) 

  • Regularly recommend content to be communicated or reshared by ESRS social media accounts (sleep news & events, research findings, etc.) as appropriate 
  • Regularly engage with ESRS social media content 

Digital User Experience (2 effective members) 

  • Provide advice on improving the website’s content and user experience / functionality from a member perspective 
  • Provide advice on the segmentation of existing content into categories targeted towards different audiences (clinicians, researchers, students, lay people etc.) 


These new members will be assigned for the period until the next ESRS Business Meeting held during the Sleep Europe 2024 conference in September 2024. ESRS is currently examining tenure rules for all committees and the DCC will follow these guidelines once ratified at the next Business Meeting. 

Eligibility & Voting Procedure

The candidate: 

  • is a full member of the ESRS 
  • visible contribution/expertise in the sleep field 
  • has experience in the respective roles (or a willingness to learn) 
  • is supported by an endorsement letter from a sleep specialist 

We encourage early-career researchers and students from various specialities / professional interests to apply.  

The new effective members of the DCC will be selected by the current DCC and assigned by the Board. 

Applications should be received no later than 15 May 2023 (deadline extended). The applicants should indicate a role of their preference: 

  • Website Editorial 
  • Social media 
  • Digital User Experience 
  • Any of these