Call for New Members of the Education Committee

Application Deadline: extended to 15 April 2023

The scope of the position


The main task of the Education Committee (EduComm) is to establish and develop the curriculum of sleep education in collaboration with European universities and the National Sleep Societies.   

A specific goal of EduComm has been to provide up-to-date theoretical education on Sleep Medicine. At the moment, this comprises providing web-based education material on Sleep Physiology (e-SLEEP/BASIC), and planning and developing the Sleep Medicine Textbook, based also on systematic collection and evaluation of feedbacks received on the last Edition (i.e., the 2nd Edition).

EduComm also follows and advises the development of the European Somnologist examination, co-ordinated in practice by the ESRS Examination Subcommittee.


The task of EduComm members is to:

  • participate in the committee meetings
  • plan and discuss the tasks of the EduComm in these meetings
  • propose new initiatives for ESRS education


3 new members will be assigned for the period until the next ESRS Business Meeting held during the Sleep Europe 2024 conference in September 2024. ESRS is currently examining tenure rules for all committees and EduComm will follow these guidelines once ratified at the next Business Meeting.

Eligibility and voting procedure

The candidate:

  • is a full member of the ESRS
  • has a visible track record in sleep medicine
  • is supported by endorsement letters from two full members of the ESRS, who have affinity with sleep medicine

The new members of the Education Committee will be selected by the current Education Committee and assigned by the Board.

Applications should be received no later than 15 April 2023.