Expert Evaluators for European Commission Project Evaluations


Invitation to insert new sleep-oriented profiles into the expert database of the DG Research and Innovation of the European Union

Dear ESRS Members,

During the recent visit of an ESRS delegation to Brussels, Dr Catherine Berens, who is the Head of the Neuroscience sector of the DG Research and Innovation, and her collaborator, Dr Mark Goldammer, warmly invited us to encourage ESRS members to insert their profiles into the DG Research and Innovation Expert database.

These experts are appointed by the European Commission as peer reviewers to assist in the evaluation of proposals and monitoring of actions. In addition, they are involved in the preparation, implementation or evaluation of programmes and design of policies. This includes the Horizon 2020 Advisory Groups.

The presence of sleep experts within this database is crucial for providing a focused and unbiased evaluation of sleep research and sleep medicine-related projects and to favour the presence of sleep-related topics within the forthcoming Horizon 2020 Work Programmes.

You will find detailed information regarding registration as an expert evaluator at: