March 2015 – Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS)

Assembly of National Sleep Societies (ANSS)

The Wake-Up Bus journey across the European countries with final arrival at the European Parliament in Bruxelles was a great success, thanks to the previous ANSS Executive Committee. The related survey on sleepiness and driving is now a publication in the Journal of Sleep Research.

The new ANSS Executive Committee met in Frankfurt on February 20-22 to continue this positive experience and prepare the annual ANSS meeting, to be held in Prague on May 1-3, 2015.

Attention will focus on recent developments in the National Sleep Societies, on the viewpoint of the medical specialties, on what is happening in the different fields and on the problems that can be solved from a European perspective.

Sleep educational programs in the different countries, exploitation of the new ESRS Sleep Medicine Textbook, availability of other sleep handbooks, and accreditation procedures of sleep certificates and sleep centres will be discussed.

We undertake to promote the Early Career Researcher Network and define common European guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

Finally, international surveys on specific sleep pathologies and new awareness campaigns on sleep and health will be planned.

The ANSS Executive Committee wishes to preserve the close and fruitful collaboration with ESRS initiatives and to be recognized as a representative network for the interests of the different European countries in increasing knowledge of sleep medicine, both among the general public as well as sleep professionals. We are dedicated to making sleep expertise an officially recognized professional skill.

Liborio Parrino
Chair, ANSS Executive Committee