March 2015 – Reports – Education Committee

Published in ESRS Newsletter March 2015

ESRS Education Committee (EduCom)

Current Members (2014 – 2016):

Tiina Paunio (Coordinator), Roberto Amici, Claudio Bassetti, Oliviero Bruni, Colin Espie, Ludger Grote, Pierre-Hervé Luppi, Liborio Parrino, Thomas Penzel, Dirk Pevernagie

The Sleep Medicine Textbook has been published (ESRS Sleep Medicine Textbook, eds. CL Bassetti, Z Dogas and P Peigneux), and provides a comprehensive basis for teaching in sleep medicine. The textbook will be the basis of the ESRS Examination in Sleep Medicine. Those specialists in sleep medicine, who contributed to the textbook, have been invited to participate in the process of expanding the examination question pool.

The next Examination in Sleep Medicine (4th examination of certification in Sleep Medicine and 2nd Examination of Certification in Sleep Medicine for Sleep Technologists) will take place during the 2015 Sleep & Breathing Congress in Barcelona, Spain (15 April). Until now, the examination has been organized by the Sleep Medicine Committee (SMC), but this duty will be progressively transferred to the Education Committee. The Education committee will meet during the Sleep & Breathing congress in Barcelona to explore different actions for promoting education in sleep research and sleep medicine.

Tiina Paunio

ESRS Education Committee Coordinator