October 2012 – Reports – Education Committee

Published in: ESRS Newsletter, October 2012

ESRS Education Committee (EduComm)

Report on the planned activities: October 2012


Zoran Dogas (Chair), Roberto Amici, Claudio Bassetti, Colin Espie, Thomas Penzel, Dirk Pevernagie, Debra Skene

This newly formed Education Committee was established by the decision of the ESRS board at the Paris meeting in September 2012.

The main objectives of EduC are: i) to create the ESRS Standard European Education Curriculum in Sleep (60 ECTS credits) based on the ESRS Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills for Sleep Medicine Experts, Non-medical Sleep Experts, and Sleep Technologists/Technicians, ii) to promote collaboration with other interested parties in sleep medicine education such as the European Respiratory Society (ERS), the European Neurological Society (ENS), and other European experts/scientific organizations, as well as European universities interested in conducting the Masters Degree programs in sleep medicine, iii) to create a network of Sleep Training Centres which would serve as the main facilities for practical training in sleep which represents 45 ECTS credits or 3/4 of the full education program, iv) to create educational materials (e.g. European textbook of Sleep Medicine according to the defined Catalogue of Knowledge and Skills) for future ESRS examinations in sleep medicine starting from the ESRS Congress in Tallinn in 2014.

Therefore, the EduC global tasks will be the development of educational initiatives as well as the establishment and recognition of curricula that will be a part of the future European Sleep Academy.

The EduC will collaborate closely with the Sleep Medicine Committee (SMC), the Research Networking Committee (RNC) and the EU committee, but also with the Assembly of National Sleep Societies to ensure the most efficient synergy in order to achieve the planned aims within the ESRS.

Zoran Dogas