October 2012 – Reports – Research Networking Committee (RNC)

Published in: ESRS Newsletter, October 2012

ESRS Research Networking Committee (RNC)

Current Members (2012-2014):
Coordinator: Debra J. Skene; vice-coordinator: Walter McNicholas; members: Roberto Amici, Simon Archer, Zoran Dogas, Pierre-Hervé Luppi, Lino Nobili, Renata Riha

Previous Members (2010-2012):
Coordinator: Debra J. Skene; vice-coordinator: Patrick Levy; members: Roberto Amici, Simon Archer, Colin Espie, Lino Nobili, Philippe Peigneux, Dieter Riemann

I would like to thank the past members of the RNC and their efforts over the last two years (2010-2012). The European Sleep Research Laboratories Databasewas established; ESRS Travel Grants for young investigators were re-established to undertake study visits to one of the listed Sleep Research Laboratories.

Current goals of the RNC (2012-2014) include: Continue to expand the European Sleep Research Laboratories database; select Sleep Research Laboratories as ESRS training centres and establish an ESRS Sleep Research Training Laboratories database; continue to administer the ESRS Travel Grants for young investigators.

The RNC encourages all ESRS members to register their Laboratory on the web database of European Sleep Research Laboratories . For help in submitting your Laboratory details, please go to

Participation in the database will help to promote sleep research collaboration and networking across Europe. Submission_Guide

Debra J. Skene