Slovak Society of Sleep Medicine

Slovenská spoločnosť spánkovej medicíny


Imrich Mucska, M. D.


Presentation held during the ANSS meeting in: Brussels, Belgium, 28. – 30.04.2016 (PDF)

Foundation year


Number of members


Composition of members (degree, specialties, subspecialties, etc.)

Membership constitutes of MDs, most frequent specialities are pneumologists and neurologists.

Historical perspective of the society

Slovak Society of Sleep Medicine was founded in the year of 2012 by the fusion of two sections: Section of Sleep Medicine of Pneumophtiseological Slovak Society and Section for the Sleep Study of Neurological Society, both were founded in 2000

Slovak Sleep Medicine Society is a member of the Slovak Medical Association.

Important sleep physicians / researchers in the history of the NSS

Prof. Zoltan Tomori, M.D,PhD.
Prof. Ruzena Tkacova, M.D., PhD.
Prof. Viliam Donic, M.D.,PhD.

Number of Sleep Medicine Centers

12 sleep laboratories with full polysomnography:
2 sleep laboratories – University Hospital Bratislava, 3 sleep labs – University Hospital – Kosice, 2 sleep laboratories – University Hospital Martin, 1 sleep lab in Specialised Hospital of Saint Zoerardus – Nitra, sleep lab. Rosmed – Kosice, sleep lab. Somnolab – Bratislava, sleep lab. – Buena Notte Bratislava, ENT sleep lab. – Levice

Number of Sleep Research Centers

Sleep laboratory – Dept. Respir. Medicine, L. Pasteur Univ. Hospital, Kosice – member of European Sleep Database (ESADA), research in the field of metabolic consequences of OSA, pathophysiology of CSA, the role of the heart function in CSA, studies on therapeutic effects of CPAP, compliance with CPAP.

Sleep laboratory – Neurolog. Dept., University Hospital Bratislava – cooperation with Dept. of Molecular Biology /P.Celec, J. Hodossy/ – research in the field of oxidative and carbonyl stress of OSA and therapeutic effects of CPAP on oxidative stress and endocrinological changes.

Sleep laboratory of Medical Faculty UPJS Kosice – a simple non-invasive electrical stimulation of the auricle, reflexly activating the brainstem inspiratory generator for restarting breathing with airway dilatation in patients with sleep apnoe syndrome.

Accreditation / Certification procedure

Slovak Society of Sleep Medicine has prepared the accreditation according to the ESRS Guidelines from 2006, and special education program for MDs, which constitutes of clinical education with theoretical and hand-on practical exam.

Educational programs

“Days of Somnology” – annual teaching course in sleep medicine for nurses and physicians

Present activities, working groups, task forces

Annual Congress on Sleep Medicine of Czech and Slovak national sleep societies: The X. Slovak and Czech Congress on Sleep Medicine was held in Kosice in 2013.
COSTB26, Tkacova – member of working group for the study of cardiovascular consequences of OSA


The application of the experimental results from original research in cats indicated that hypoxic apnoea and gasping respiration before death /1969-1995/ were supported by TEMPUS project of European Respiratory Society in years 1995-1998. This was allowed by :

Visits of twenty researchers from 3 Medical Faculties of Slovakia: in Kosice (organizer Prof. Tomori Z.), in Bratislava (organizer prof. Redhammer R.), in Martin (organizer prof. Tatar M.) visited well-known departments in Antwerp (DeBacker W.), Dublin (StJohn W.) and Strasbourg (Krieger J.) to learn various aspects of sleep medicine.
Conference on sleep medicine was organised in 2002 in Kosice for ~200 participants from Middle and East-European countries to aquire experiences with diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders (lectures presented by professors DeBacker W., Levy P. and StJohn W)
We published a text book of sleep medicine in slovak language with english summaries (Tomori Z, Redhammer R, Donic V et al.: Sleep disorders and disorders of basic vital function during sleep. VLA, Kosice 1995, 365p.)

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