Sociedad Española de Sueño (SES)

Spanish Sleep Society (SSS)


Dr. Alejandro Iranzo de Riquer


Presentation held during the ANSS meeting in: Brussels, Belgium, 28. – 30.04.2016 (PDF)

Foundation year



Number of members


Composition of members (degree, specialties, subspecialties, etc.)

Clinical Neurophysiology (40%), Respiratory (15%), Pediatrics (6%), Neurology (5%), Psychiatry (4%), Orthodontics (4%), Basic Research (6%), Other (20%).

Historical perspective of the society

The SES (initially named AIPS) was founded in 1991 and has organized so far 25 Annual Meetings in Spain. The celebration of the XIV European Congress of the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) (September 1998, Madrid), the 5th World Congress on Sleep Medicine (September 2013, Valencia) organized by the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM), and the upcoming ESRS mmeeting in Seville (2020) and the Spanish Sleep Society (SES), reflect the international projection of our society and its members.

Our society has become the main reference in Sleep Medicine in Spain and has grown vigourously over the last years, with the incorporation of different specialties (pediatricians, pulmonologists, general practitioners, clinical neurophysiologists, neurologists, etc.).

Important sleep physicians / researchers in the history of the NSS

Clinical research (alphabetically): F. Barbe, J. Durán, D. García-Borreguero, A. Iranzo, F. Masa, J. Montserrat, J. Nieto, R. Peraita, J. Puertas, T. Quera-Salva, J. Terán, T. Sagalés, J. Santamaria, A. Vela.
Basic research (alphabetically): M. Barbanoj, I. de Andrés, M. Garzón, J. Gaztelu, F. Reinoso-Suarez, R. Rial.

Number of Sleep Medicine Centers

Number of Sleep Research Centers


Accreditation / Certification procedure

Comité Español de Acreditación en Medicina del Sueño (CEAMS): Multidisciplinary Accreditation endorsed by the main scientific societies in Spain (Respiratory, Pulmonology Neurology, Psychiatry, Otorhinolaryngology) under the umbrella of the Spanish Sleep Society:

Accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centers
Accreditation of Professionals in Sleep Medicine

Educational programs

Master in Neuroscience in Sleep (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid), Master in Sleep Medicine (Pablo Olavide University, Sevilla),
Advanced multidisciplinary Courses: Burgos, Lleida (Hot-Topics in Sleep Apnea)
Spanish Society of Neurology (Monasterio de los Avellanes, Lleida)
Master in Sleep (Universitat de Barcelona)
Online sleep education addressed to primary care physicians and dentists.

Present activities, working groups, task forces

5th World Congress on Sleep Medicine (Valencia, Sept 28 – Oct 3, 2013).
Diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines:

Guidelines in OSA: GrupoEspañol de Sueño. Consenso nacional sobre el síndrome de apneashipopneas del sueño. Arch Bronconeumol, 2005; 41(Suppl 4):1-110 (Spanish).

Guidelines in pediatric OSA: Alonso-Álvarez ML et al. Arch Bronconeumol. 2011;47(Suppl 5):2-18 (Spanish).

Standards and Recommendations for Sleep Units, carried out in the Quality Agency of the spanish Ministry of Health.

Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome (Spanish Sleep Society and Spanish Neurological Society).

XXVII Reunion Annual SES 2019. Vitoria, April 11-13rd 2019:

Working groups of SES on Pediatrics, Cognition, Chronobiology, ENT, Movements disorders, insomnia, odontology and sleep technicians. See

SES Fellowships and awards. See

New Guidlines on  sleep apnea, actigraphyy,examination of the upper airway. See


Journal VIGILIA-SUEÑO (since 1991)

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