Endorsed Events, Training & Courses

Upcoming events

2021 Slaapcongres Nederland

Join the 4th edition of the Dutch Sleep Conference, SLAAP2021 - fully digital - on 25-26 November, 2021.

12th European Narcolepsy Days

Join the 12th edition of the European Narcolepsy Days - Towards And Individualized Treatment on 18-19 September, 2021 for a joint meeting with patients.

18th European Narcolepsy Masterclass

Join the 18th edition of the European Narcolepsy Masterclass on 17 September, 2021 for a half day symposium with participants from all over Europe.

Past events

LIVE Webinar: Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Join this webinar for a live panel discussion on The Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation chaired by Dr. Marta Gonçalves on Friday, 9-July, 2021 at 10am CET.

ECRN Discussion - Communication facts and fictions: The science of conversation

Join Prof. Elizabeth Stokoe from Loughborough University, UK, 24th June, on the topic of "Communication facts and fictions: The science of conversation".

European Insomnia Network Virtual Meeting

A vivid presentation on pertinent topics concerning insomnia, with renowned global speakers.

Nordic Sleep Conference 2021

The 19th Nordic Sleep Conference, organised by the Finnish Sleep Research Society, will be an online event held 27-28 May, 2021.

Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms 2021 Annual Meeting

The 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms will now be an online event held 19-21 May, 2021.

Sleep & Psyche Webinar

The Sleep & Psyche Project 2021 Digital Edition

CBT-I MASTERCLASSES 2-day Masterclass in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

Enhance your clinical practice with theoretical and practical training. Learn from world-leading experts in the field. bit.ly/CBTIwithOOPSM

ECRN Discussion - "Work-Life Balance" with Prof. Anja Strobel

Join Prof. Anja Strobel for a discussion on "Work-Life Balance" - Is that a realistic idea?

FENS Webinar: Communicating Your Science to Non-Scientists

FENS is hosting a FREE Webinar entitled: Communicating Your Science to Non-Scientists

Freiburg CBT-I online course (April 22 - 24, 2021)

Sleep and Sleep Disturbances During the COVID-19 Pandemic - What Can Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Tell Us? A European Perspective

A live panel discussion chaired by Prof. Dr. Dieter Riemann, Editor in chief of Journal of Sleep Research

ESRS 2021 Examination in Sleep Medicine - online application

The on-line application will be open from January 15, 2021 - March 15, 2021 on this website!

CBT-I Two-Day Online Masterclass - 2-3 Nov 2020

Two-day, online, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) masterclass

Clinical Update Sleep 2020: A Virtual Briefing - 16 October 2020

Free webinar on sleep, COVID-19, insomnia and the latest on cardiorespiratory interaction in sleep apnoea

Symposium and Technical Workshop

11 - 15 July 2020, Glasgow, United Kingdom

HYPNOS St. Peterburg,, Russia SLEEP CONGRESS 2020,

St. Peterburg,, Russia SLEEP CONGRESS 2020, June 24 - 27,2020

International Sleep Medicine Course 2020

International Sleep Medicine Course 2020

11th European Narcolepsy Days

Berlin, 4-5 April 2020 - Narcolepsy: Toward an individualized treatment - EU-NN Young Scientist Award - Eu-NN Call for abstracts

3rd Sleep Science Winter School

March 1-4, 2020, Wengen, Switzerland

Think Tank Insomnia 2019

18.10.-20.10.2019 Different aspects of Insomnia, from the epidemiology to the diagnostic assessment, from consequences to pharmacological/non pharmacological treatment options.

Project "Sleep & Psyche" - II Edition

11 – 12 October 2019, Brescia, Italy

Sleep Medicine Summer School (SMSS)

1 - 5 July 2019, Lugano, Switzerland

LES NUITS BLANCHES - Saint Petersburg Sleep Congress 2019

20 June 2019, St. Peteresburg, Russia

Project "Sleep & Psyche" - II Edition

11 – 12 June 2019, Catania, Italy

10th European Narcolepsy Day: Narcolepsy and its Borderland

18 May - 19 May 2019, Bern, Switzerland

4th Clinical Update Sleep™

18 May 2019, Milan, Italy

16th European Narcolepsy Master Class

17 May 2019, Bern, Switzerland

Project "Sleep & Psyche" - II Edition

May 3 – May 4 2019, Genova, Italy

Project "Sleep & Psyche" 2019

25th of January - 26th of January, 2019, Abano Terme (Padova)

Project "Sleep & Psyche" 2018

23rd of November - 24th Of November, 2018, Rome

Project "Sleep & Psyche" 2018

26th of October - 27th of October , 2018, Milan

Project "Sleep & Psyche" 2018

19th of October- 20th Of October, 2018, Naples

CAS Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sleep, Consciousness and Related Disorders

18 October 2018 - 6 July 2019, Bern, Lugano, Wengen, Switzerland


4th of October - 6th of October, 2018, Taormina

Pisa Sleep Award 2018

15th of June - 16th of June, 2018, Pisa

ISMC 2018 - International Sleep Medicine Course

12th of June - 15th of June, 2018, St. Michielsgestel

Sleep Congress 2018

30th of May - 2nd of June, 2018, Saint-Petersburg

Lisbon Sleep Summit: Sleep in Women

16th of May - 19th of May, 2018, Lisbon
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