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5th ESRS Congress

2 September 1980 @ 1:00 am - 5 September 1980 @ 1:00 am CEST

Only ten months before the planned date of the congress, Amsterdam had to replace another promised venue, which dropped out unfortunately. In spite of the unusual short preparation time the congress became a great success, with about 300 participants.

Sleep 1980, Proceedings of the 5th ESRS Congress,
W. P. Koella (ed.), Basel, Karger 1981

Special Lectures:

  1. M. A. Corner: On the role of active (REM) sleep in ontogenesis of the central nervous system
  2. D. Foulkes: Dreams and dream research
  3. P. Passouant: La narcolepsie


  1. Clinical effects of sleep deprivation in endogenous depression (Chair: R. H. van den Hoofdakker)
  2. Circadian rest-activity and sleep- wake rhythms (Chair: A. A. Borbély)
  3. Sleep and emotional stress (Chairs: D. Schneider-Helmert, P. Visser)


  1. Periodic hypersomnia (Chairs: M. Billiard, B. Roth)
  2. Hypnotics and insomnia models in animal and man (Chairs: R. Scherschlicht, W. P. Koella)
  3. Special symposium on dreams (Chairs: D. Lehmann, I. Strauch)
  4. Chronobiology, shiftwork and sleep (Chair: O. Benoit)
  5. Traffic noise, sleep and performance (Chairs: A. Kumar, A. Muzet).

For the first time, four additional workshops were organized by pharmaceutical companies.
Sixty Mini-Papers (Free communications and posters) were selected for the congress proceedings.

ESRS Board

President: P. Passouant (Montpellier)
Vice-President: L. Popoviciu (Tirgu-Mures)
Secretary: M. Billiard (Montpellier)
Assistant-Secretary: A. Besset (Montpellier)
Treasurer: D. Schneider (Königsfelden)

Scientific Committee

A. Borbély (Zurich)
N. Monod (Paris)
I. Oswald (Edinburgh)
J. F. Pujol (Lyon)
B. Roth (Prague)

Local Organizing Committee

Piet Visser, Amsterdam
H. A. C. Kamphuisen
J. Snel
M. Veenman-van der Linden
J. Bastiaans, Leiden
D. D. Breimer, Leiden
A. Bruzova, Amsterdam
M. A. Corner, Amsterdam;
R. H. van den Hoofdakker, Groningen
W. P. Koella, Basel
A. Kumar, Amsterdam
D. Schneider-Helmert, Königsfelden
A. H. M. Schoenmakers, Tilburg


2 September 1980 @ 1:00 am CEST
5 September 1980 @ 1:00 am CEST
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