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The 32nd European Congress of Psychiatry will take place 6-9 April 2024 in Budapest, Hungary.

The motto of our congress is Mental Health: Open and Inclusive! It highlights three core aspects of modern psychiatry:

  • Mental health as a broad dimension from mental health prevention and resilience building to the treatment of specific disorders.
  • Open refers not only to our fundamental human rights but also to open mindedness and curiosity for novel approaches and ideas.
  • Inclusive implies welcoming and respecting differences between people.

Join the EPA-ESRS joint symposium on 8 April titled “Improved sleep for better mood and emotion regulation”.

This will include ESRS President Dr. Pierre-Hervé Luppi as Co-Chair and speaker on “Effect of chronic mild stress and depression on paradoxical (REM) sleep in mice” and ESRS Education Committee Chair Prof. Dr. Tiina Paunio who will address “Sleep in Psychosis – from individual vulnerability to targeted treatment”.