ESRS GEF gender equality forum call for members

Call for Members to Join the Taskforce of the Gender Equality Forum (GEF)

Application Deadline (extended): 14 December 2023 

The scope of the positions


The Gender Equality Forum (GEF) comprises both emerging and established scientists of all gender identities. Its objectives are to:

  • Highlight the implications of gender inequality for all identities.
  • Recognize and address gender-related disparities in the ESRS and the broader sleep research amd sleep medicine domain.
  • Advocate for unbiased treatment of all European Sleep Research Society members, irrespective of sex, gender, or identity.

Currently laying its groundwork, the GEF is gearing up for an inclusive journey. Initially, we will engage the community and survey ESRS members on gender equality perceptions. Long-term, our aim is to foster an inclusive ESRS culture, offer educational opportunities, and devise strategies to retain women and other underrepresented gender identities in research. In this context, we are announcing vacancies for 3 effective members in the core taskforce of the ESRS GEF.


  • Develop and execute strategies and initiatives to tackle gender inequality.
  • Engage in quarterly meetings.
  • Collaborate in organizing conference events, digital events, and workshops.


These new members will be assigned for the period until the next ESRS Business Meeting held during the Sleep Europe 2026 conference in September 2026. ESRS is currently examining tenure rules for all committees and the GEF will follow these guidelines once ratified at the next Business Meeting.

Eligibility & Validation Procedure


The candidate is an active member of ESRS.

The ideal candidate:

  • Is passionate about championing gender equality and celebrating diversity.
  • Maintains an open-minded and inclusive perspective.
  • Is vocal about challenges thwarting gender equality.
  • Demonstrates responsiveness and punctuality.
  • Is committed to participation in meetings and the orchestration/contribution to conferences, digital events, and workshops.

A task force rich in diversity, spanning all genders, various career stages, and different nationalities is pivotal to inducing meaningful change in this vital global issue.

Application & Validation Procedure

If you are an ESRS member and wish to be a part of this transformative journey, we invite you to submit a concise CV and a letter of intent. Your letter should elucidate your interest in joining the taskforce and how you envisage your contribution to the ESRS GEF in promoting gender equality.

The new effective members of the GEF will be selected by the current GEF and assigned by the Board.

Applications should be received no later than 14 December 2023.