Research Network Committee call for candidates to become an effective members

The scope of project management / effective membership


The purpose of the ESRS is to promote research on sleep and sleep-related areas, improve the care for patients with sleep disorders, and facilitate the dissemination of information regarding sleep research and sleep medicine. In accordance with the policy to appoint members to new positions, the ESRS launches a call for candidates to become effective members of the Research Network Committee.

The Research Network Committee (RNC) is a formal body of the ESRS. Its mission is to promote collaborations and information exchange between different fields within sleep research. The RNC creates added value for sleep researchers in several areas of interest, including providing (travel) grants, managing a laboratory database, creating didactic content, establishing a platform for guidelines, exchange of information between different sleep research fields and with related research fields, practice parameters and position papers.

Projects and effective members

To meet the objectives of the RNC, the listed areas of interest will be defined as distinct projects requiring appropriate management. For some of the foreseen projects an effective member will be appointed to the RNC. Effective members will act as project managers. Management comprises exploring, planning, implementation and follow-up. More information on project management can be found in the literature (for example on: https://opentextbc.ca/projectmanagement/).


The following project will be assigned to an effective member:

  • Investigate the feasibility of and eventually establish an ESRS foundation

The call for the position of effective membership was re-launched on 1 September, 2021. This function will be performed on a voluntary basis and shall not be compensated by a financial or a material benefit from the ESRS. The function and task of the position are described below (see: Specific projects). Applications should be via the application form below no later than 30 September, 2021. The position will be assigned by the ESRS Board to a qualified candidate who submits the best proposal for managing the project. The mandate is assigned for a term of two years and can be renewed once for a second term.

The effective member must be committed and spend at least two to four hours a week on the project. She/he is entitled to propose the composition of the project group that will become operational following approval of the ESRS Board. Other commitments include:

  • to manage the progress of the work
  • to organize regular work meetings with the project group and to participate in the plenary RNC videoconferences that are held every two months
  • to maintain contact with stakeholders
  • to draft reports whenever necessary or appropriate
  • to make a budget to be covered by the ESRS
  • to ensure administrative assistance.

Specific projects

Investigate the possibilities and eventually set up an ESRS Foundation

To Investigate the possibilities and to set up an ESRS Foundation is an important goal of the RNC. This project encompasses the creation of an ESRS Foundation with the purpose to support and promote Sleep Research, both basic and clinical. In addition it will contribute to the fulfilment of the non-profit purposes of the ESRS. The foundation should encourage, fund and promote research in the field of sleep. In addition the Foundation can cooperate and assist other initiatives and/or organisations having a purpose similar to the foundation, as well as other regional and/or international initiatives and/or organisations.

Key objectives:

  • The effective member who manages this project is in charge of installing the project group, considering human, material and financial resources as well as operational requirements.
  • The first step is to investigate the legal and financial consequences of establishing a ESRS Foundation next to the ESRS Society.
  • The next step is to investigate whether there is room to receive enough sponsorship, or other funding, bequests and donations to work with in the Foundation.
  • The third step would be to establish the ESRS Foundation as a legal entity, establishing domicile, organisational structure and purpose.
  • A budget should be calculated for necessary support. Also, travel and other costs should be calculated. These expenses will be covered by the ESRS following approval of the Board.
  • The effective member reports on the progress on a regular basis.


The candidate:

  • is a full member of the ESRS,
  • has a visible track record in the funding and legal requirements of foundations,
  • has experience with leading task forces,
  • has access to support and logistics from her/his department or knows how to obtain such support elsewhere.

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