March 2013 – Reports – European Insomnia Network (EIN)

Published in: ESRS Newsletter, March 2013

European Insomnia Network (EIN)

As already published in the last newsletter of the ESRS, the first meeting of the European Insomnia Network took place in July 2012 in Freiburg. The meeting hosted a limited number of clinicians and researchers from several European countries who presented their own work and ideas. The next meeting of the European Insomnia Network will take place from July 11th to 12th, 2013 in Freiburg. Invitations will be sent out soon to those concerned. This meeting will focus again on the current status of insomnia research in Europe and will discuss possibilities to get funding on a European-wide level.

Dieter Riemann will present the work of the European Insomnia Network at a meeting in Brussels, which will take place on May 3rd. This meeting was instigated by Roberto Amici, the head of the ESRS EU Committee. Several officers from the EU Commission will participate in the meeting and the funding opportunities available for sleep research in Europe will be discussed.

The European Insomnia Network has also performed a survey concerning insomnia diagnoses and treatment in Europe. The results are being analysed and will be presented in one of the next newsletters. We received feedback from all European countries that are also member of the ANSS. Insofar, we will accomplish a really complete survey also concerning the questions of reimbursement of insomnia diagnostics and treatment in Europe.

Freiburg, February 19, 2013

Dieter Riemann