November 2016 – Research Networking Committee (RNC)

ESRS Research Networking Committee (RNC)

Current Members (2016-2018):
Pierre-Hervé Luppi (Coordinator), Tiina Paunio (Vice-Coordinator),Roberto Amici, Tom de Boer, Lino Nobili, Philippe Peigneux, Renata Riha, Madeleine F. Scriba, Debra J. Skene, Raphaelle Winsky-Sommerer

Previous Members (2014-2016):
Pierre-Hervé Luppi (Coordinator), Walter McNicholas (Vice-Coordinator), Roberto Amici, Simon Archer, Lino Nobili, Tiina Paunio, Renata Riha, Debra Skene

The RNC has been renewed recently and its new composition is displayed in the newsletter. It has been decided to create a new basic sleep school taking place every two years in alternance with the main ESRS meeting. The objective of this school is to gather together early career researchers and faculties around a quite focused question. The first edition of the ESRS Sleep Science School will focus on ” Neural Networks in Sleep “, and will be held in Frejus, a city located on the Mediterranean sea (France), 16-21 October 2017. Pierre-Herve Luppi and Philippe Peigneux coordinate this edition. Both animal and human research will be addressed. The program will include communications by international sleep experts on specific topics but also workshop interactive sessions aimed at writing research grants and proposals and stimulate in-depth exchanges between early career and experienced researchers. The faculty members will be present during the entire week and available for theoretical and practical discussions with early career researchers.

We also did prepare the new call for the travel grants. In addition to the three months and two weeks fellowships, a new fellowship covering expenses to assist to meetings and courses endorsed by the ESRS was created (enclosed in the newsletter).

Pierre-Hervé Luppi